Evo Bronze Series

I'm excited to share the latest in my Evo and Alloy series. Evo Bronze is a combination of solid cast bronze infused with polished concrete. Each bronze form is hand casted and then carved and seamlessly fused with the concrete. These purposeful sculptures represent the adoption of an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At the moment there are only these two available for purchase for $495.

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Lunah Sunrise

The Sun can't set unless it rises. The Lunah Sunrise incorporates the same techniques as the Sunsets but in different order and slightly lighter pigments. Solid copper base with hand-stitched natural leather accents. Available in 8", 10" and 12" diameters. Custom sizes are also available upon request. 

Lunah Sunset

Inspired by the sunset, the Lunah Sunrise are cast with eight different pigments to represent the natural gradients in the sky. Each bowl is hand cast, polished, sealed and waxed to ensure a lasting finish. Combined with a solid copper base with hand-stitched natural leather accents. Available in 8",10",and 12" diameters. 


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Kettle & Brine

I'm thrilled to announce that my Lunah Bowls and Evo sculptures are now on display and for sale at the beautiful Kettle & Brine boutique in Austin, Tx. I couldn't be happier to be represented in such a well curated local shop, amongst some of the leading designers and their work. It's inspiring to say the least. New and exciting opportunities are in the making and I'm looking forward to growing as an individual and a designer. 

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Every now and then I find myself in a funk and It's usually because I haven't made something creatively in a while. To curb that, I try to draw and sketch as much as possible but paintings typically carry much more determination, some taking weeks to complete. Here's Terra, painted with a mixture of gouache and watercolor. There's always pros and cons to every medium with gouache it's the ease of us, requiring really only water and paint compared to the infinite materials used with oil painting. Gouache is also difficult in the sense that it typically takes multiple coats and blending is somewhat difficult (for me at least) but practice makes perfect and I'm looking forward to expanding on this concept. 

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Lunah Synergy Series

Introducing the Synergy Series - the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Hand cast, polished and, sealed concrete with solid brass stand and hand-stitched leather accents. 

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Mother's Day Giveaway

In honor of Mother's Day and in memory of my sweet momma, I'm giving away this one of a kind Lunah Bowl, because mothers love bowls. Follow me on Instagram and like the post and I will select a winner today at 7CST. 

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Introducing Evo the elephant and my new online shop. 

Evo, short for evolution. These were produced on the premise that we as humans must evolve our way of thinking; rather than plunder our natural resources we can maintain and coexist with the beauty that is our planet. I hope these elephants serve as a reminder to act with kindness to ALL species, to live with love, and treat animals with the respect they deserve.  

Each sculptures is hand casted, polished and sealed with a water based sealant and then buffed with an all natural wax. Each Evo is unique to itself, exhibiting various characteristics inherent to concrete. 

10% of every Evo purchased will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an orphanage in Kenya devoted to the upbringing, medical care, and eventual release of orphaned elephants.


Void #7

I’ve been feeling this ongoing series lately as they are more interpretive than my other works and allow me to zone out and react to the space and lines I create rather than following a predetermined plan. One of the inherent and often challenging qualities of sculptural work is that when viewed from different perspectives the composition changes. I’m looking forward to seeing how these will evolve over time. 


1/2" powder coated steel, enamel, hand stitched leather 29" x 10"x 9".


Here's a recent oil painting that I made for a friend of mine. He described Frank as a boulder of a dog so I decided to integrate that into the painting. It felt good to break out the oils once again. 

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Road Trip

A good friend and I recently took a cross country road trip from Austin, Texas to Portland Oregon seeing the sites as went. It's quite the experience witnessing how the terrain changes as you head. We spent a solid amount of time in New Mexico on a massive private ranch right outside of Ruidoso. The property bordered a half a million acre Indian reservation and contained some of the most pristine forests inhabited by massive elk.  The photo of me holding the rifle was taken at the top of the highest peak on the property which overlooked Whitesands National Monument in the background. 



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Burning Man

I've returned from the burn more inspired and motivated as ever. The playa is a magical place and the people you encounter are some of the most authentic and kindhearted people to walk the earth. Here's a throwback to my first burn with the beautifully talented Danielle Parente

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Shed Shoot

My buddy, Squintz who is also my new roommate is a photographer from Indiana following his dreams. He snapped some nice photos of me working in my shed the other day. Fun fact, I've had over 18 roommates in my life from just one three-bedroom house. 

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Artist in residence & the beginning of the Void Series

I recently had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Utah for the soul purpose of creating. Through Summit's expanding artist residency program I was able to conceptualize and create sculptures that I otherwise would not have and had a blast doing so.  I met some truly amazing and inspiring people along the way and founded friendships that I will have for a lifetime. 

The landscapes of Utah, specifically Eden and Powder Mountain, are truly stunning. Located in a valley,  you are surrounded completely by epic snow covered mountains and views that stop you in your tracks. It's quite difficult not to be inspired by the beauty in which such pristine nature provides. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on creating pieces that flowed through my hands and design instinct rather than relying on blueprints and measurements. Often times artists spend so much time in the process of preparing and conceptualizing an artwork that they lose their "flow" and tend create more of an inanimate object rather than an evocative piece. Less thought-out and more improvised the idea of "sculptural sketching" was presented and I went with it.  

I've always been particularly fond of sculpture as it adds a level of complexity that painting does not. Three dimensions  and essentially endless amounts of possibility in regards to size and materials. It is also far more difficult as the artist has to consider the form and the pieces'  aesthetic properties when viewed from every angle. 


I decided to classify these sculptures under the  "Void Series" as the negative voids conceived by the lines become equally,  if not more important to the form than the lines themselves.  Encapsulating space and evoking movement these sculptures are all about the flow that inherently comes from doing what you love.  

By the second day I was starting to find rhythm and  began to develop a stylistic approach with the materials available. I would spend an hour or so the night before quickly sketching general shapes that I thought portrayed movement and that I could visualize in a space.  I would then bend and shape the steel to represent those lines in a physical space improvising as I went.  It was a rather difficult decision whether or not to leave the sculptures bare metal or to paint them. In the end, I reached a compromise with my inner voice and left some areas exposed with a clear coat to prevent rust.  I decided to also hand stitch some leather for  its tactile quality and warmness to accompany the rawness of the steel. 

The Results 

By Saturday  I was able to finish all the pieces in time to show my week's worth of progress  at the Skylodge deck overlooking mountains as far as the eye can see. In the end it was a phenomenal experience that I will remember forever. Working in my dream shop, using my hands, and creating quality works all in the presence of unwavering beauty is something I can certainly aspire to do for the rest of my life.  I'm so very thankful to  Summit for opening up their space and welcoming me with open arms.  I will be back.

The Skylodge

The Skylodge

Photo by Marshall Birnbaum

Photo by Marshall Birnbaum

End of the first day. Made from one solid 25' long round bar. 

End of the first day. Made from one solid 25' long round bar. 

Shop view

Shop view

By the fifth day I had fabricated 4 sculptures and was making a mad dash (per usual) for the unveiling. 

Void #2 Aka Moon Doggy

Void #2 Aka Moon Doggy

Void #3  Lamp -  Steel, Leather, Jatoba, and light

Void #3  Lamp - Steel, Leather, Jatoba, and light

Void #4 - Steel, leather, enamel - 7'

Void #4 - Steel, leather, enamel - 7'

Void #1  Steel 

Void #1  Steel 

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Welcome to the dark side

When there is light there is dark.  Announcing the Lunah dark series. These vessels, inspired by opposites, represent the constant shift between the dynamic  forces around us.  

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Polyeagle is the latest beast from my ongoing polygonal series of animals. 

6' x 4'

Enamel on reclaimed maple. 

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Lunah Bowl

Rightfully named after the moon goddess, the Lunah bowl represents a balance between space and materials. Constructed from concrete, cold steel, and genuine leather. 

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2014 was a spectacular year for me. I learned a lot, not only about myself but also new techniques and materials and the endless amount of possibilities that life throws at you. I figure that it's about time I start collecting and organizing my thoughts to share with all of you.

I can only imagine that 2015 has even greater potential and I'm looking forward to solid year of creating, adventure and growth. 

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