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1.a state of balance or equilibrium, as from equality or equal distribution of weight.

2.a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession

3.steadiness; stability:


Polished Blackened concrete,

infused obsidian,

blackened steel

2' x 33"



The Poise is a minimalist approach to the rocking lounge chair. Inspired by the pursuit of simplicity and the attainment of balance through both physical and visual means, it rests in a perpetual state of composed equilibrium.

Through weight, stability is achieved, providing a relaxing and controlled motion while offering instinctive adjustability in resting angle.   

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications the Poise Lounge is available in a variety of materials, color, and finishing combinations.


Feel free to reach-out with any inquiries.

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